Lower Back Temporary Tattoos

Lower back tattoos have been growing in popularity since the early 1990s and today are hotter than ever.

lower back fake tattoo

The heart tattoo on the left would make a great lower back temporary tattoo

When placed on the lower back, the tattoo emphasizes the shape and curvature of the body.  For this reason, lower back tattoos appeal to a very wide demographic.  Everyone from pop stars (Britney Spears) to wholesome actresses (Julia Roberts) is sporting lower back tattoos.  They have become so mainstream that even Barbie has jumped on board!

barbie tattoo

In 2009, Mattel gave Barbie a lower back tattoo

If you aren’t sporting a permanent tattoo, try a temporary lower back tattoo. A quality temporary tattoo will look incredibly realistic and, like a true fashion accessory, can be changed to fit you mood and ensemble.

tribal lower back fake tattoo

Tribal lower back tattoo from tattoosales.com

Kick the summer off with a bit of fun and fashion by ordering a lower back temporary tattoo today!

Tip: dust your temporary tattoo with a bit of baby powder or finishing powder for a more realistic, longer lasting application.

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