Taking the Guess Work Out of Ordering Custom Temporary Tattoos

Promote your business, entice school spirit, raise money, drive support for a cause; there are many great reasons to get a custom temporary tattoo.  While the choice to get a custom temporary tattoo is an easy one, how to order one and what to consider when doing so seem difficult.

Fortunately, we’ve nailed down the 5 elements you need to consider when ordering a custom temporary tattoo.  Each element is simple and once you decide upon each you’ll be well on your way to custom temporary tattoo success!

custom fake tattoo

The sky is the limit with custom temporary tattoos!

5 Elements to Consider When Ordering a Custom Tattoo:

1. The front design

Since the objective behind designing a custom tattoo is to make an impression, you’ll want to use your logo or well known symbol.  Using a business logo works well for brand building and a well-known symbol is more likely to draw attention and spark interest.

Simple enough; but there are a couple variations you can take advantage of to make your custom tattoos even more successful:

  • If you operate a website, incorporate that site’s URL on the front of the tattoo with your logo.
  • For promoting a cause, start with a well-known symbol (like the pink ribbon or recycling symbol) and add the name of an individual or a meaningful date.

By incorporating your website and taking advantage of a well-known symbol or business logo, you can ensure that you are making the most of every impression your custom temporary tattoos will receive.

custom fake tattoo

2.  The back

A little known fact is that the back of the tattoo is just as customizable as the front.  Take full advantage of this by including the company address, website and social media information.  The majority of promotional, custom temporary tattoos are kept as opposed to worn.  People will take them home and throw them on the counter or on a desk or keep them at the office.  This turns your custom temporary tattoo into a business card of sorts—but one that stands out.

Information to include on the back of your tattoo:

  • Name of your business or organization
  • Website URL
  • Facebook & Twitter information
  • A coupon code or special offer

3.  Size

The most popular custom temporary tattoo size is 2”x2”.  It’s small enough that it can be applied and worn easily but large enough to accommodate contact information on the back.  Plus, this is just the right size to fit into a wallet or pocket of a purse for easy transport to the home or office.

4.  White Effect

When printing a temporary tattoo, there are 3 options regarding white ink: no white, spot white and flood white.

  • No White: any areas of the design without color will print without ink, so that the skin shows through those areas
  • Spot White: any areas of the design without color will print with white ink, so that that white ink-instead of the skin-shows through those areas
  • Flood White: white ink will be printed underneath the entire tattoo, making the colors look more brilliant once transferred to the skin because the layer of white makes the image more opaque

Choosing the white effect for your custom tattoo depends upon your purpose.  Do you want the tattoo to be applied to the skin or kept as a promotional product?  For the latter, you’ll want to go with either spot white or no white because that will look better on the tattoo paper.  If it’s more important that the tattoo look good once applied, then you want to choose flood white because, even though the tattoo will appear ‘milky’ on the paper, it will look great on the skin.

custom fake tattoo

Generally, for the purposes of promotional tattoos, no white or spot white is chosen.

5.  Quantity

Lastly, you need to determine what quantity you will order.  Ordering on tattoosales.com means you can order as few as 100 custom temporary tattoos starting at $45-including free shipping.   As with anything else, the more you order, the less expensive each tattoo will be.

So there you have it!  The 5 elements to consider when ordering a custom temporary tattoo: design of the front and back, size, white effect and quantity.  The custom temporary tattoo is one of the most inexpensive and unique promotional products, and outlining these elements also makes it very easy to order.  Get yours today!

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