Custom Temporary Tattoos: A Winning Idea for Your Team!

2-4-6-8!  Who do we appreciate?

Imagine: your team has just finished warming up and the coach gives an inspiring pep talk and passes out temporary tattoos of your mascot for the players to wear during the game.  More than uniforms or sneakers, your team now has something special and unique that unites them!

custom temporary tattoo

Team spirit could be the competitive edge you need

Your team can wear the temporary tattoos proudly on their cheeks or arms.  They will see each other’s temporary tattoos during the game-and so will the opposing team.  Your team’s sense of togetherness can be intimidating.

Custom temporary tattoos for your team are easy to order and fun to use.  Ordering is as simple as submitting an image.  Custom tattoos are unique because they are not something you see everyday.  They create laughs and immediately invoke a sense of pride and team spirit.  Plus, as an added bonus, they make great keepsakes.

team mascot custom temporary tattoo

Sporting their temporary tattoos with pride!

2-4-6-8!  Who do we appreciate?   Our coach for these cool temporary tattoos!

Order 100 custom temporary tattoos today for as little as $45-including free shipping.  You’ll have them within 7 business days.  Plus, you can take advantage of promo code Blog15 for an extra 15% off.  Now that’s a winning idea!

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