New Dragon Temporary Tattoos

We have expanded our selection of dragon temporary tattoos!   You told us you wanted a bigger selection and our artists went to work designing detailed, colorful pieces.  We have added sixteen new dragons!


dragon temporary tattoo
Coatl – Available at

The sixteen dragons are available in 2 different sizes.  There are 2 on each 4.5×6 inch sheet, meaning each dragon is about 4×2 inches.  Three of the dragons are available in a larger size, printed by themselves on a 4.5×6 inch sheet, making the dragon about 4×5 inches.


dragon temporary tattoo

Draco - Available at

These large temporary tattoos look very realistic when applied.  They look great worn on the bicep by men or delicately placed on the ankle by women.


dragon temporary tattoo

Knucker - Available at

Our creative department had a lot of fun naming the new dragon temporary tattoos!  While designing the pieces we did research into dragon styles and types to make them as authentic as possible.  In doing the design research, we made note of dragon names to go with each style.


dragon fake tattoo

Vasuki - Available at

What do you think of our new dragon temporary tattoos?

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