Introducing Brand New Jewelry Temporary Tattoos!

Over the last few seasons, temporary tattoos have become the fashion industry’s hottest new accessory.  Chanel, Betsey Johnson, Dereon, Louis Vuitton, Hard Candy and other brands have launched lines of fashion temporary tattoos.

fashion fake tattoos

These Chanel temporary tattoos sell for about $75

You can now find the same style and quality of tattoos inexpensively online – and get free shipping in the US every time!  We have a studio of 6 professional tattoo artists who have designed a hot line of fashion temporary tattoos specifically for trendy women.

fashion fake tattoo

$3.95 on

There are 10 4.5″x6″ sheets, so you’re sure to find a style for every ensemble and occasion.


fashion fake tattoo

$3.95 on

This collection of fashion temporary tattoos embody both the romanticism and edginess behind some of today’s hottest feminine designs.  Choose from black and white sheets of tattoos or designs laced with soft colors.


fashion fake tattoo

$3.95 on

Wear these temporary tattoos delicately around your wrist or down the back of your thigh.  They are a trendy addition to any outfit and make a perfect conversation piece.   (And what’s more?  After only three days they’re simply a distant memory.)

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