Temporary Tattoo: If Lost, Please Call: _______

Have you ever lost your child, even for a moment?

how to find a lost child

Losing sight of your child, even for a split second, can be a terrifying experience and has happened to even the most mindful of parents.

This is why moms and dads teach children their addresses and phone numbers from an early age.  We all know the anxious look in a child’s face, however, when he is separated from mom or dad and remembering contact information can be difficult.

In this situation, having that information easily accessible can be a relief.  In outings at crowed malls, parks and amusement centers, many parents are taking advantage of temporary tattoos that include a phone number just in case a child gets lost.

lost and found child fake tattooThere are eight designs to choose from, so you’re sure to find a temporary tattoo that you child will be excited to wear.  On the tattoo is a white strip where you can write your phone number with a non-washable marker.

Once you write on the white strip, the ink from the marker comes off easily with the temporary tattoo when you’re finished.  Simply remove the child’s safety tattoo with baby oil or rubbing alcohol and your child’s arm is as clean as it was before the tattoo.

lost child fake tattoo

Keeping your child safe has ever been so easy - or fun!

So for  your next outing, use one of these “If Lost” temporary tattoos.  Peace of mind, after all, is priceless.

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