So Much to be Thankful for at Tattoo Manufacturing

On this Thanksgiving we wanted to pause and express our gratitude.   This year has flown by and it has been a great one in so many ways.  We know that it has been such because of three groups of individuals: our staff, our community and you.

We employ about 85 Tucsonans.  That seems like quite a few people, but our culture is such that we’re like one big family.  No matter the department, we all know each other and come together to celebrate successes and support each other.

Tattoo Manufacturing Halloween Party

Every month we have an all-company meeting where our managers present business updates and employees are encouraged to ask questions.  We also celebrate birthdays every month with a lunch.

Staff at the Copper Cactus Awards

Each of our staff contributes to making Tattoo Manufacturing a fun, enjoyable place to work.  We’re so grateful to each of our employees.

We’re also grateful to the community in which we operate, Tucson, AZ.  From 2nd Saturdays Downtown to Casa de los Ninos to the UA, the members of our community make Tucson a great place in which to work!

Beautiful Tucson, AZ

Lastly, we’re thankful for you!  Our fans, customers and vendors make what we do possible and contribute to the wonderful culture at Tattoo Manufacturing.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

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