Custom Temporary Tattoos for Your Business: Most Engaging Advertising Tool

Most promotional products that companies give out are meant to been seen.  A logo printed on a coffee mug or pen will be seen by countless consumers, reinforcing the brand.

promotional products advertising


Temporary tattoos are different in that they require a degree of interaction that other promotional products do not.  Your customers will have fun figuring out how to apply the temporary tattoos and deciding upon where to apply it.  They’ll have even more joy watching their children figure out temporary tattoos.

fake tattoos advertising

Custom Temporary Tattoos: Cool Advertising

This creates a degree to engagement with your brand that other promotional products cannot provide.  A temporary tattoo is fun and unique: your brand can be associated with these traits when it is made into a temporary tattoo.

Get your logo made into a custom temporary tattoo today!  Plus, for a limited time, you can order as little as 100 custom temporary tattoos for only $45.  Act now!

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One Response to “Custom Temporary Tattoos for Your Business: Most Engaging Advertising Tool”

  1. Charl Says:

    Do you make a full back tattoo for advertising?

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