Four Reasons Custom Temporary Tattoos are a Smart Idea for Your Business

Businesses and non-profit organizations are constantly searching for new, unique and inexpensive ways to promote their products, services or events.    One promotional tool that many groups use is custom temporary tattoos.

We work with over 65,000 fortune 500 companies and countless small businesses and non-profits, providing them with custom temporary tattoos for their promotional campaigns.  Why are so many organizations using temporary tattoos?  Here are four great reasons:

  • Price

Temporary tattoos are one of the least expensive promotional products available.  As marketing budgets are stretched tighter, advertising professionals need to become more creative and cost effective in executing promotional campaigns.

inexpensive promotional product marketing

Temporary tattoos are fractions of a penny apiece

This is why temporary tattoos are the choice for low cost, yet effective, promotional campaigns.  The upfront cost is clear, with no set-up or art fees.

  • Turnaround Time

We print custom temporary tattoo orders within 10 business days.  While other promotional products may require planning months in advance and a hefty investment upfront, temporary tattoos can be ordered close to your event or campaign.

quick turnaround tattoos

We will ship your custom tattoos with 10 business days

This is a tremendous competitive advantage for advertising professionals.  Utilizing a promotional product with a short lead time means you can respond to market changes and can adapt your promotional campaign if the need arises.

  • Measure Return on Investment (ROI)

Unlike most every other promotional product, temporary tattoos give you the ability to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.  The back of a temporary tattoo can be customized for no additional charge.  You can display your website and contact information on the back, add a coupon code, a sweepstakes code or a code to unlock some special feature of your website.

custom temporary tattoo back

Taking full advantage of a custom back

This sort of customization makes it easy to track the success of your promotional efforts.  For an industry in which demonstrating ROI has always been a challenge, this is a tremendous advantage.

  • Safe / Parent Friendly

Safety is our top priority and we work hard every day to ensure that our temporary tattoos are the safest on the market.  Our temporary tattoos exceed all US and EU safety standards and we use only FDA certified colorants.

Custom temporary tattoos are inexpensive, can be ordered quickly, can aid in measuring ROI and are 100% safe.  What do you have to lose?  Order custom temporary tattoos for your business or organization today.

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