Attempting to Perfect the Real Thing

Ever wished your significant other would be more attentive?  Perhaps send roses or candy for no reason at all?  Show up with lunch on a beautiful day?

dating is not easy

A PhD student in New Zealand may have found the answer.  Paul Hunkin has invented an internet “bot” to automatically shower him with gifts by buying cheap items in online auctions.  Hunkin’s program buys cheap items with free shipping, usually on Ebay, ordering once every three days on average. The bot even has its own Twitter account, in which it documents its use of Hunkin’s credit card.

fake tattoo before real tattoo

Paul Hunkin Designed a Program to Buy Him Gifts

Its first buy was a package of five watch batteries. Unfortunately, Hunkin does not own a watch.

Obviously, Hunkin’s program could use some adjustments.  Sometimes, however, an imitation is preferable to the ‘real thing.’  Hunkin’s program can’t have its feelings hurt when if it buys a gift that isn’t apprecaited, after all.

bad christmas gifts

The same reasoning comes into play when people decide to get a temporary tattoo before (or instead of) a real tattoo.  It’s the try it before you buy it concept, and it’s a smart one.

You can buy a temporary tattoo that is similar to the design you are considering.  Wear it for a few days and try applying it to different parts of your body.  See how it feels and how others respond to it.

fake tattoo before a real tattoo

Try this butterfly before going under the needle

Or if you’re truly serious about trying out a real design because you go under the needle, get custom temporary tattoos made.  You can upload your design online and have your tattoos within 10 business days.

Explore your options!  Visit

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