Temporary Tattoos are in High Demand: Turn This Into Profits

Business owners are always looking for new ways to promote their brand or service.  Promoting one’s brand is key to building customer loyalty and attracting new leads.

custom promotional products

If Only Attracting New Customers Was This Easy

Increasingly, brands and business are turning to custom temporary tattoos to promote their products, services and events.  The reason for this increase in tattoos as promotional products is simple: temporary tattoos are becoming more mainstream and consumers are actively seeking them out.

fashion fake tattoos

Chanel Creates Demand for Temporary Tattoos

Responding to consumer demand, high-end fashion brands, celebrities and major corporations have been using temporary tattoos.

fashion fake tattoo beach

Rihanna Sports a Temporary Tattoo

These uses have had a mainstreaming affect on temporary tattoos for consumers.  Demand is higher than ever and consumers are enthusiastic temporary tattoos.  This makes temporary tattoos a hit as a giveaway, fundraiser or premium.

Want to take your business to next level?  Promote your brand, product or service with temporary tattoos.  It’s an inexpensive, effective promotion.  You’ll wonder why you didn’t use temporary tattoos sooner.

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