New Selection Now Available: Henna Temporary Tattoos

We have expanded our selection of Henna Temporary Tattoos!


fashion fake tattoo
New Henna Design: Henna Sunlight

Some of these designs are black, others are red and some are black and red.


henna fake tattoo

New Design: Henna All Heart

The red henna fake tattoos are a compliment to any skin tone.  They are earthy, which is exactly what henna tattoos should be!  The red color is versatile enough to go with any look or occasion.

The black and red designs can be combined to create a custom henna design.  With so many styles available, the combinations are limitless!

The third design option is the black and red Henna Temporary Tattoos.


henna temporary tattoos

Henna Design: Natural

Perhaps the best thing about these new henna designs is that they’re only $1.65 a sheet.  You absolutely won’t find a better price anywhere.  Since they’re made in the USA, you can be sure that these fake tattoos are the highest quality temporary tattoos available (and they exceed all testing standards).

We’re very excited to be offering an expanded selection of one of the most trendy designs on the market: Henna Temporary Tattoos.

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