Custom Temporary Tattoos: A Great Way to Promote Your Business

Getting a custom temporary tattoo for publicizing your business is an excellent idea when you think about the potential benefits. With the wide lot of options available, it is not too difficult to find the right manufacturer for your promotional work. However, there are certain aspects that you need to consider when searching for custom logoed tattoos. Read on and find out how you can make promotional tattoos simple for you.

custom temporary tattoo business

Like any other promotional item, your aim in giving out promotional tattoos is to generate interest in your brand or cause.  As such, a great recommendation is to add your company name and logo. If you are promoting a cause, using a popular symbol will help send your message.

promotional tattoo

Custom Temporary Tattoos are Inexpensive, Effective Promotional Products

The back portion of your tattoo can also be customized with a promotional message.  The back portion is a great place for displaying information such as your website or social networking details. You can even add a promotional code to track ROI.

Another important factor to take into account when ordering promotional tattoos for promoting your business is the size. The most popular size for corporate logoed tattoos is the 2″ x 2″. This is small but it is just the right size for providing your contact information. Likewise, this is a perfect size for consumers to put in their pockets or wallets so they can conveniently take it with them home or to the office.

custom temporary tattoo

Custom Temporary Tattoos are the Perfect Sized Promotional Product

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