Temporary Tattoos for Halloween! A Healthy Alternative

Sugar, chocolate and sweets, oh my!  Sugar is the word of the night on Halloween.  Children scurry door to door collecting gobs of sugar infused candy and sweets, lugging around pounds of it by the end of the night.

But imagine a child’s surprise when you drop a roll of Halloween themed temporary tattoos into his or her candy sack.  A roll of tattoos you selected from this variety box:


healthy halloween treats

Trick-or-Treat Tattoos Available at Tattoosales.com


The box is perforated on the front to make it like a candy bowl for easy grabbing.  Plus, not only are temporary tattoos a healthy alternative to sugar, they’re 100% safe and non-toxic.  Fake tattoos from Tattoo Manufacturing are made in the USA and only FDA certified colorants are used.  Our temporary tattoos meet certification guidelines for toys and cosmetics.

So give the kids an activity that will test their creativity, hone their motor skills and preserve their pearly whites; order a box of Trick-or-Treat Tattoos today by clicking here!

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One Response to “Temporary Tattoos for Halloween! A Healthy Alternative”

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