The Fashion Tattoo Trend: No Need to Go Under the Needle

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal profiled a family of Mill Valley, Calif., whose 18-year-old teen got a real tattoo upon reaching the legal age of consent.

teen tattoo

Katie Pilot shows the heart tattoo on her stomach

The article brings to light the emerging trend of tattoos as personal accessories, akin to a handbag or iPod.  While Baby Boomers may relate tattoos to sailors and gang members, their children view them as a fashion accessory; art to compliment their personal tastes.

These fleeting feelings toward tattoos have helped to usher in the era of fashion body art.  Designers like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Betsey Johnson and Dereon have recognized this trend and released lines of fashion temporary tattoos.

fashion body art

May 2010 China Vogue spread, "Tattoo Me Beautiful"

While these designer lines have raised awareness of temporary tattoos as a logical, convenient replacement for permanent, traditional tattoos, some young adults aren’t making the temporary tattoo connection when thinking of body ink as a fashion accessory.    Temporary tattoos do not cross their minds, so  they are getting the real thing.

The fact is that tattoos as fashion accessories should be just that.  You wouldn’t rush out and have a ring permanently embedded in a finger or a head band weaved into your hair.  Fashion is expressive and it changes with season and taste.  It’s temporary: just like tattoos as fashion should be.

fashion body art

Temporary tattoos give you the freedom to wear something different to the beach next week

The designers that have launched fashion body art lines so far have been high-end, expensive brands.  They haven’t been accessible to most young people.  But that is about to change.  The Betsey Johnson line will retail for around $25, Dereon by Temptu will sell for about $15 and SAVVi is developing a line for large scale retail.

Fashion temporary tattoos are also available online – right now. carries a huge selection of Ed Hardy Celebrity tattoos, henna tattoos, lower back designs and many other pieces to compliment any look or occasion.

fashion fake tattoo

A popular design among young women

Young people view tattoos as a trendy fashion accessory.  Embrace that trend with temporary tattoos!

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