Temporary Tattoos: Safe, Healthy, Fun

What child doesn’t love temporary tattoos?   We put this question to the test by asking 100 school children if they would rather have a temporary tattoo or a homework assignment…

100% chose the temporary tattoo!

That’s a joke; happy October!

All laughing aside, temporary tattoos are a fun pastime for children.  They provide an outlet for creativity and expression.  Give your child an assortment of Marvel Heroes tattoos or glitter fake tattoos and watch her face light up!

childrens temporary tattoos

Besides being fun, temporary tattoos are one of the healthiest activities you can offer your child.  They get the mind working and keep the body busy.  Your child uses creativity when he decides what design to apply and where to place it.  Then he exercises his motor skills in applying the temporary tattoo with water.

What’s more, temporary tattoos are 100% safe and non-toxic.  Temporary tattoos and custom temporary tattoos from tattoosales.com are Made in the USA and we use only FDA certified colorants.

So give your child a safe, healthy and fun activity: order an assortment of temporary tattoos today!

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