McDonald’s Brings Back Happy Meal Box – Along with Temporary Tattoos

McDonald’s, serving over 53 million people a day, has brought back the cardboard square Happy Meal box.

custom temporary tattoo

Tweeted by @jonk

What’s more is that the toy included with the Happy Meals is something we’re huge fans of: temporary tattoos!  Each meal is served with a Star Wars temporary tattoo and figurine.  Twitter user @jonk applied one of the temporary tattoos and Tweeted a picture.

star wars fake tattoo

Tweeted by @jonk

Serving millions of Happy Meals a day, McDonald’s has insight into what kids love and they have chosen to give kids temporary tattoos!  Some of the Star Wars themed temporary tattoos will be collected, others will be applied, but one thing that is for certain is that every Happy Meal guest will leave with a smile.

Considering your own promotion? Custom temporary tattoos make great in-pack and on-pack premiums.  Plus, our fake tattoos are all Made in the USA so you can be sure they meet the strictest safety guidelines-both for toys and cosmetics.  Call us now to discuss your options!  1-877-776-5136 or visit

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