Children’s Temporary Tattoos

Children love temporary tattoos as much as they love recess!  A fake tattoo represents a world of possibilities; from where to place the tattoo to how long to leave it on to how many temporary tattoos to apply.

children small temporary tattoo

Temporary tattoos are a lot of fun for kids to play with.  Usually children buy temporary tattoos in bags or a variety at a time so the first part of the fun is picking out a temporary tattoo.  Seeing all the tattoo designs and the colors will be fun for children.  Throw some glitter temporary tattoos into the mix and you’re sure to get smiles!

glitter children temporary tattoo

Glitter for Girls Bag of Tattoos

Next comes application!  Learning how to apply a temporary tattoo can be a very fun, educational experience.  Teach your child to place the tattoo on his or her body, apply water and watch as the fake tattoo is transferred from the paper to the skin.  Your child’s face will light  up!

So ditch the video games and turn off the TV!  Give your child an assortment of temporary tattoos and stimulate their creativity and motor skills.

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