– Now Accepting PayPal

Americans are making more purchases than ever online.  We can purchase socks, wedding gifts, popcorn seasoning, DVDs; you name it, it’s available online.  All of this purchasing calls for an easy way to pay.

At the same time, we’ve seen an increase in international demand for our custom temporary tattoos.   This is likely because we adhere to the strictest safety regulations and offer a low price guarantee.  International customers need a payment option that is universal.

Enter PayPal.

fake temporary tattoos

Here Comes PayPal!

PayPal is an online account that allows you to receive and send money electronically with your bank account and credit cards. It is owned by eBay, and was first used mainly for buying and selling through auctions.

A PayPal account can be linked to your bank account (savings, checking or both) and major credit cards. When you make a purchase that allows you to pay with PayPal, enter your log-in information to sign into PayPal and then click “Buy.” PayPal will automatically transfer the money out of the linked account of your choice.

PayPal Advantages:

  • Ability to shop on international websites
  • No need to keep money in your PayPal account (funds can be withdrawn automatically)
  • Shop without sharing your financial information
  • PayPal mobile options

Because you want easier, more diverse payment options, we have added PayPal!

Our payment options now include all major credit and debit cards, Google Checkout and PayPal.  Happy shopping!

custom fake tattoo

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