Excellent In-Pack Premium Program: Xbox Halo + Temporary Tattoo

Xbox has launched a new in-pack premium program: a temporary tattoo & 2-day trial with the new Halo Reach Heroic Edition.

xbox custom temporary tattoo halo

Tweeted by @DEMONxMYQx

The image above was tweeted by @DEMONxMYQx.  By definition, a premium is a merchandise offer made by an advertiser as an incentive to purchase a particular product.

Custom temporary tattoos have been used as premiums by advertisers for as long as they have been available.  Remember getting temporary tattoos in boxes of cereal or baseball cards as a child?  Temporary tattoos make excellent premiums because they’re inexpensive and unique: a plus for advertisers and consumers!

If you are selling a product, offering something to go with the product makes it more likely a consumer will purchase.  The trick is making the premium something that will excite the consumer-something they actually want.  Custom temporary tattoos are an excellent choice because they’re unique, fun and very trendy right now.  Plus, they’re small enough to fit in any packaging.

Considering a premium program?  Visit tattoosales.com today or call us at 1-877-776-5136 to discuss your options!

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