How to Remove a Temporary Tattoo

The beauty of temporary tattoos is that they’re just that: temporary!  You can change them as often as you’d like and wear a new fake tattoo design with every outfit.  Because temporary tattoos are used in this way, it’s important that they can be removed easily.  Once a temporary tattoo is removed, there should be no sign that it was ever on your skin.

How to Remove a Temporary Tattoo

There are three tried and true techniques for safely and completely removing a temporary tattoo: rubbing alcohol, baby oil or scotch tape.

Rubbing alcohol or baby oil can be applied to the temporary tattoo with a cotton ball, wash cloth or tissue.  It doesn’t take much to remove the temporary tattoo.  Just rub the area lightly with the liquid and the temporary tattoo will come off within minutes.

Another option for removing the temporary tattoo is scotch tape.  This last option doesn’t work as well as rubbing alcohol or baby oil, but it will do the job.  Just apply scotch tape to the temporary tattoo, press down, then lift up on the tape.  The fake temporary tattoo will come up with the scotch tape (but it will take several passes).

Keep in mind that quality temporary tattoos (not those printed on ink jet) are designed to withstand soap and water.  This is so they can last, if desired, up to 7 days.

So experiment and apply temporary tattoos freely!  They can be removed easily and safely.

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2 Responses to “How to Remove a Temporary Tattoo”

  1. Melbourne Laser Tattoo Removal Says:

    Temporary tattoo can be simply removed by any remover or any tattoo remover but if you have to remove any permanent tattoo then I would suggest you a laser treatment removal.

  2. Temporary Tattoos: An Easy Alternative to Face Painting « Tattoo Manufacturing Blog Says:

    […] Easy to remove (Tape/rubbing alcohol/baby oil. Read detailed temporary tattoo removal instructions.) […]

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