Temporary Tattoos for Greek Life

College means a variety of things to different people, but for roughly 10% of the collegiate population, college is synonymous with Greek.  Sororities and fraternities play a major role on most college campuses and they are societies in which lifelong friendships are established.

greek life temporary tattoos

Sororities and fraternities set themselves apart from each other in a multitude of ways.  Greek letters symbolize chapters and members put those letters on everything from the flag to the chapter house to shirts, backpacks and coffee mugs.

Another way to display pride in your Greek letters-and something a select few sororities and fraternities are actually using-is with custom temporary tattoos.

On Campus

Custom temporary tattoos can be made and given out to chapter members to wear on campus, just as they wear shirts and carry branded bags.  With the launch of the Chanel and Betsey Johnson fashion tattoo lines, temporary tattoos are very trendy.  Sporting the Greek letters as a temporary tattoo is an excellent and unique way to set your chapter apart and spark conversation.

greek life temporary tattoo

Promoting Events

Written invitations are so 1998 and emails are pretty routine.  When promoting events, use fake custom temporary tattoos instead!  Parties with themes or traditional logos can be displayed on the front and on the back (for no extra charge) you can print the information, such as date and time.  Handing them out in place of traditional invitations is unique and will ensure invitees remember your event.

Your organization can also use custom temporary tattoos to promote fundraising events.  For example, if a fraternity wants to do leaf removal to raise funds they could print temporary tattoos with their Greek letters on the front and contact info on the back.  Example of the fake tattoo back:

Fraternity Leaf Removal

Help us raise money & beautify your yard!

Call John 555.523.5252

Email: john@email.edu

Alumni Relations

The most successful fraternities and sororities are constantly seeking out new ways to keep their alumni connected.  Slipping a temporary tattoo in with alumni correspondence is an excellent to show pride in your chapter and give your alums something unique to display in their offices or at home.

greek life custom temporary tattoos

Anyway you cut it, there are a plethora of ways to use custom temporary tattoos for college fraternities and sororities.  They’re easy to purchase, inexpensive and trendy making custom temporary tattoos a very smart idea for any collegiate organization.

Get custom temporary tattoos for your chapter today by clicking here!

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