Tattoos for Girls – Back to School

Temporary tattoos are as trendy as ever!  When it comes to back to school, girls (and some guys) put a lot of thought and care into their ensembles.  Shopping is done in August for new outfits and accessories are selected from jewelry to shoes to backpacks to lunch sacks.

tattoos for girls

With so much care and attention to one’s look, it makes sense that the trendy, chic girl would want to throw on a temporary tattoo.  Not only will it look great, but it could spark conversation with new friends.

tattoos for girls

Ed Hardy Temporary Tattoo

Ed Hardy temporary tattoos are a classic choice.  The brand name has universal appeal and the designs are so detailed that you might have classmates thinking you got a real tattoo over summer vacation!

Henna temporary tattoos are a great choice as well.  The designs are soft and subdued, creating a classy addition to any look.

If you’re all about pink, try a kiss temporary tattoo!  They pop and scream confidence.

tattoos for girls

Design Available at

Whatever style you choose, temporary tattoos are an excellent compliment to an overall look.  So go on, be a trendsetter at your school!  Get your temporary tattoos today by clicking here!

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