This Weekend: Hell City Tattoo Festival

This weekend, August 27th-29th, in Phoenix, Arizona, the Hell City Tattoo Festival will be held at the Arizona Baltimore. Over 8,000 tattoo enthusiasts will gather for a weekend of entertainment, networking and education.

custom temporary tribal tattoosArtists from around the world come to the festival to show off their work, and tattoo lovers get a rare chance to get work done by someone from another state or country. There are also live performances, free seminars and tattoo competitions.

It won’t be just tattooed adults at the festival; children will also be in tow. At the Hell City Tattoo Festival is the Heck City Kid Zone! Those under 18 cannot be tattooed, but they can choose for a wide array of temporary tattoo designs. There is also a coloring contest, Heck City T-shirts, Tattooed People Woodcut photos, and kids can take photos with the festival mascots, Ol’ Scratch and Burnie.

The Hell City Tattoo Festival is just one of many that happen throughout the year across the nation. Temporary tattoos are the perfect giveaway for such events.

Planning a festival? Get an assortment of temporary tattoos or custom temporary tattoos by clicking here.


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