Top 5 Reasons You Should Get a Custom Temporary Tattoo

1. It’s 100% You

Custom Temporary Tattoos

In a world where everything is customized from our ring tones to our twitter handles to our Jones Soda labels, why shouldn’t you have your own temporary tattoo?  Choose a design that fits your personality or create a work of art and turn it into a temporary tattoo.  It would be something that is truly unique to you and a great conversation starter.

2. Raise money for your group

Custom temporary tattoos are great fundraisers.  Print tattoos of your school mascot and sell them at football games. Offer them in place of face paint at a fair or community event.  Since they’re inexpensive to purchase, selling temporary tattoos can be very profitable for your group.  Plus, they’re healthier than a candy bar.

3. Turn your customers into walking billboards

If you’re a business owner you know how difficult it can be to meaningfully measure the ROI on promotional products.   For a promotional product to be successful, it has to be kept and, ideally, passed around.  The more consumers who see it, the more value you’re getting for every dollar spent.  For this reason, temporary tattoos as promotional products are a great idea.  On the skin they will draw the attention of others and they are probably the least expensive promotional product on the market.  You can’t go wrong.

4. Entice team spirit

Nothing brings a team together more than matching gear.  Jackets, socks, bags; the possibilities are endless.  Sporting team tattoos can evoke team spirit the same way.  From cheerleaders wearing a team mascot on their cheeks to a speech club wearing the team motto under a suit sleeve, custom temporary tattoos are great for pumping up team spirit!

5. Drive support for a cause

Whether it’s a pink ribbon, recycling symbol or picture of a candidate, temporary tattoos are great for promoting a cause.  Plus, they’re fun to hand out and great conversation starters.

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