Made in the USA: A Scrooge McDuck Quack! Of Approval!

For more information on this series, see the introductory post here.

There are three distinct advantages to buying toys that are Made in the USA: fake tattoos

  • Safety

The US has the highest manufacturing standards that regulate the entire process of a toy’s production.  Buying toys that are Made in the USA ensures every component, including colorants and dyes, is non-toxic and safe.

  • Durability & Quality

US made toys have a history of quality and durability.  Due to higher manufacturing standards and demand for better quality, toys Made in the USA are sturdier than their overseas-manufactured counterparts.

  • Supports Local Economy

Buying toys Made in the USA means supporting American manufacturing.  That means keeping Americans employed in jobs like design, assembly, marketing and logistics.

Given these advantages, the savvy, thrifty shopper must ask: would Scrooge McDuck prefer to buy Made in the USA products?

As we first stated in the introduction to this series, Scrooge worked his way up the financial ladder from humble immigrant roots.  He came to America from Scotland and worked hard, saving every penny, until he became the richest duck in the world!  (Or second richest, depending upon whom you ask)  A savvy businessduck, Scrooge sure didn’t get to where he was by passing up American Made products.

fake tattoos

Here at Tattoo Manufacturing, all of our products are Made in the USA.   We have 6 full-time artists on staff who design our temporary tattoos, a customer service department, marketing, accounting and logistics.  Plus, we operate a manufacturing plant at our facility which is larger in staff and size than all of those other departments combined.  We are a 100% Made in the USA company.

Producing only Made in the USA products: that’s worthy of a Scrooge McDuck Quack! of Approval!



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