Fashion Temporary Tattoos

If you haven’t tried temporary tattoos as a fashion accessory, you are missing out.

Since they first hit the runways on Chanel models last fall, temporary tattoos have been hot fashion items.  So hot, in fact, that Louis Vuitton incorporated temporary tattoos in the Menswear Show in Paris this past spring.

fake tattoos

Chanel Temporary Tattoos

Why are temporary tattoos so hot?  Three essential reasons: they’re fun, unique, and they make great conversation starters.   If you’re going out for the evening or just planning an outfit for the day, aren’t those the reasons you reach for one accessory over another?

So where do you start?  How you do you choose a fashion tattoo?  Here’s the beauty behind this accessory: it’s all up to you!  You could go for a delicate and subdued henna temporary tattoo or a bold Ed Hardy temporary tattoo.  You could place a shooting star on your ankle or a rose on your wrist.  Thousands of temporary tattoo designs times hundreds of different body placements equals limitless possibilities.

Or, you could be completely unique and have a custom temporary tattoo made just for you.

fake tattoos

Temporary Tattoo as Fashion Accessory

We want to hear from you!  Have you ever worn a temporary as a fashion accessory?

Join the fun and dress up your look with a temporary tattoo.  Get yours today by visiting  Use Promo Code SMA10 for 10% off plus free shipping!

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