Uber Geek Alert!

Do you have an inner geek?  Is it tucked away, hidden beneath a charming exterior?  Do you have a secret passion for LOTR?  Is there a Mr. Wizard poster tucked away in your closet?

custom temporary tattoos

Or are you more brazen with your geekiness?   Have you proudly set the NES Mario theme as your ring tone?  Do you read Astronomy magazine for fun?

Ryan, a friend of tattoosales, carved a pi sign in a pumpkin for Halloween last year-making pumpkin pi.  That’s pretty geeky, Ryan.

fake temporary tattoos

But even if you’re as geeky as Ryan, you’re likely light years away from these proud nerds.  They’ve decided to display their geekiness on their bodies for the world to see-permanently.

What's inside Justin?

3 Extra Lives?

Mega Man!

See more here.

If you’re not ready to display your inner geek in a permanent fashion, have your geekiest design made as a custom temporary tattoo instead.  That’s almost more geeky!


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