A+ BBB Rating: A Scrooge McDuck Quack! of Approval

custom temporary tattoosFor more information on this series, see the introductory post here.

If you’ve attended a traditional school at any point in your lifetime, you’re probably familiar with the A+ through F grading scale. A+ is the highest grade that can be earned and F is the lowest. The BBB rating system can be interpreted in the same way, though the factors that influence a company’s rating have nothing to do with extra credit and homework.

The A+ through F grades awarded to companies represents BBB’s degree of confidence that the business is operating in a trustworthy manner. Ratings offer insight into a company’s performance and provide an easy way to compare businesses.

The savvy, thrifty shopper must ask: would Scrooge McDuck consider a company’s BBB rating before doing business with them?

fake temporary tattoos

As we first stated in the introduction to this series, Scrooge worked his way up the financial ladder from humble immigrant roots.  He came to America from Scotland and worked hard, saving every penny, until he became the richest duck in the world!  (Or second richest, depending upon whom you ask)  A savvy businessduck, Scrooge sure didn’t get to where he was by doing business with subpar companies.

So would Scrooge McDuck consider a company’s BBB rating before doing business with them? Any fan of Duck Tales (whoHOOhoo!) knows the answer is most assuredly, yes.

Here at Tattoo Manufacturing, we have an A+ Rating with the BBB.  Check it out, here.  Our priorities are providing topnotch customer service and producing the highest quality products; these have been our priorities since our founding in 1989.

fake temporary tattoosAn A+ Rating with the BBB: that’s worthy of a Scrooge McDuck Quack! of Approval!

We can just imagine Mr. McDuck, “I’ll get my fortune back, before Fritter Away lives up to his name—by only buying from the A+ companies!”



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