Raise Even More Money with Temporary Tattoos

With school starting up, clubs and teams are busy fundraising.  Bake sales, cake walks, and candy bars galore!

custom temporary tattoos

Make your group’s fundraising efforts even more successful by adding temporary tattoos.  At a bake sale, have a bowl of temporary tattoos available for .50 cents each.  When selling those $5 candy bars, offer a temporary tattoo for $1 more.

These small sales can really add up!  Selling 1,000 temporary tattoos for $1 each means your group has made $1,000.  And how much did you spend?  With us, those 1,000 temporary tattoos would cost only $89.

Temporary Tattoo Cost: $89.00

Sales: $1,000

Profit: $911

Raise more money for your group today by ordering 1,000 custom temporary tattoos, at tattoosales.com.  Plus, increase your margins even more by using Promo Code TMU01 for 10% off.

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