Temporary Tattoo Affiliate Program

Do you operate a blog or website?  If so, you could consider partnering with us to promote our temporary tattoos and earn money.

We’ve launched the Tattoo Manufacturing Affiliate Program.  The program allows the owner of a website to place our banner ad on their site.   The ad links to tattoosales.com and if the person who clicked on the ad buys something the owner of the website will receive a commission on the sale of at least 12%.

custom temporary tattoos

Example of a banner ad

Our affiliates can encourage those who visit their website to click on our banner ad by doing things like writing blog posts about temporary tattoos.  It’s a great way for website owners and bloggers to get paid for promoting our temporary tattoos and a great way for us to ensure that more people are exposed to temporary tattoos.

custom temporary tattoos

Example of a banner ad

In the end, the program is sure to raise awareness of temporary tattoos and that’s what we get excited about!

For more information about the Tattoo Manufacturing – Temporary Tattoo Affiliate Program, click here.

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One Response to “Temporary Tattoo Affiliate Program”

  1. Tattoo Manufacturing Says:

    Thanks for the comment! We’re excited to be involved in affiliate marketing.

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