A Sure Shot Way to Raise Money for Your Group

Though temporary tattoos have a variety of purposes, they aren’t at the forefront of our minds when thinking about ways to raise money.  But the fact is that temporary tattoos are very successful fundraising tools.

  • Temporary tattoos and custom temporary tattoos are very easy to order.
  • We can print and ship a custom temporary tattoo order within 10 days or in-stock temporary tattoos within 48 hours.
  • Temporary tattoos are very inexpensive to purchase and can be sold for many times their cost

custom temporary tattoosTo illustrate this, consider the following:  the high school key club needs to raise money for its next community service event.  The club buys 1,000 temporary tattoos featuring the school’s mascot.  At the next home game, members of the club set up a small table outside the entrance and sell the mascot tattoos to energetic fans for $1 each.  The key club even has sponges and water available for the fans to apply the tattoos.

For these 1,000 temporary tattoos, how much profit did the Key Club make?

Temporary Tattoo Cost: $89.00

Sales: $1,000

Profit: $911

Not too bad for a single night of work.

There are many, highly profitable opportunities for fundraising with temporary tattoos.  Buy temporary tattoos for your group to sell today!  And increase your margins even more by using Promo Code TMU01 for 10% off plus free shipping.


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