Our License Agreement with a Non-Profit

Keeping kids in rough neighborhoods off the streets.  Giving young people passion for life and a purpose.  Teaching adults marketable skills in graphic design and screen printing.  Bajito Onda Community Development Foundation, a 501(C)(3) non-profit, has been doing all of this and more for over 20 years.

urban temporary tattoos

Bajito Onda Founder, Del Hendrixson

Del Hendrixson founded Bajito Onda after serving one year of a three year prison sentence in Texas for counterfeiting.  While incarcerated, Del witnessed first-hand the artistic talent of the people around him.  With his background in the printing industry, Del knew he could give the people he met the opportunity to develop and sell their art.  So when he was released, Del began working in low-income, rough neighborhoods to organize artists and the rest is history, so to say.  Today, Bajito Onda  is active in North America, Poland, Brazil, Japan and Africa.  The foundation gives children from rough neighborhoods a reason to stay in school and love art.  It helps adults express themselves through art and teaches them vocational skills.

The art that the Bajito Onda Foundation has developed throughout the years is very impressive.  It’s urban artwork that is very detailed and authentic.  We are now licensing the art for temporary tattoos.  Where can you get these authentic tattoos?  In a vending machine near you!  These tattoos will first be available in vending machines (the ones at grocery stores and restaurants).

tribal temporary tattoos

Bajito Onda Temporary Tattoos

We’re just very excited to team with a non-profit that has been giving opportunities to people for so many years.  Bajito Onda has touched many lives and we’re very proud to be working with the foundation.

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