Create Laughs with a Temporary Tattoo Assortment

Temporary tattoo assortmentSummertime: the time of long days, barbecues, swimming pools and cool days with friends and family.  This weekend I spent time with friends in New Mexico Skies, an amateur astronomy residential community.  During the day we hiked the gorgeous mountainside and at night we marveled at the Milky Way and used a high-power green laser to point out each constellation.

Before star gazing in the evening, I set out the package of temporary tattoos I had brought along.  It was an assortment of tattoos I had picked out from our stock room (which is where we keep all of the designs we sell online).  I had some Ed Hardy temporary tattoos, stars, hearts, glow-in-the-dark and tribal—quite an eclectic assortment.

I spread the temporary tattoos out on the coffee table and almost immediately my friends began rummaging through the designs.  They were selecting what to wear, soliciting opinions and offering suggestions to others.

Star temporary tattoos

Glow in the dark star temporary tattoo

My favorite part was watching the tattoos spark jokes and memories.  Afterwards, we all helped each other apply the temporary tattoos.  Two notable applications: one of the girls put a glow-in-the-dark star on her forehead and a guy put a flag on his lower back!

This activity was fun, inexpensive and incredibly easy.  If you have a get-together with friends coming up, I’d absolutely recommend bringing an assortment of temporary tattoos along-you ever know what could happen!

Temporary tattoos can’t talk, so this blog was written by Amber, a member of our team since May 2009.  Sounds like you had an excellent weekend, Amber!  Get an assortment of temporary tattoos for yourself today and use Promo Code TMU01 for 10% off plus free shipping.

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