Car Temporary Tattoos: Go Big or Go Home!

Travis Barker Temporary Tattoo

Travis Barker of Blink 182

You could blink 182 times and not miss Travis Baker’s Cadillac script tattoo.  A recent USA Today article featured a picture of the drummer’s tattoo, which runs along his left rib cage.

Travis’ larger than life tattoo illustrates two very different concepts:

  • We love cars and car temporary tattoos make for a fun addition to a get-together
  • Company logos or brands can be effectively and uniquely promoted on the body as a temporary tattoo


Children temporary tattoo funGive a group of children an assortment of tattoos and a wet sponge and they’ll entertain themselves for the better part of an hour.  It would be an hour of creativity and laughter.  And since temporary tattoos (at least ours, which are Made in the USA) use only FDA certified colorants and are cosmetic grade, you can be sure that their fun is 100% safe.

But it isn’t just children who have fun with temporary tattoos; young people and adults can create memories and share laughs, too.  Spreading out an assortment of temporary tattoos at your next get-together with friends or family will spark conversation and give the group something very different to do (and maybe create a Kodak moment or two).

Promotional Products

Travis’ tattoo also illustrates another important concept; that Company logos or brands can be effectively and uniquely promoted on the body as a temporary tattoo.  Your logo doesn’t have to be printed as large as the Cadillac script and the person wearing it doesn’t have to be Travis Barker (although that would be very cool).

Promotional Product Temporary Tattoo

Printing your logo as a temporary tattoo and giving it away to your customers and potential customers gets your brand in front of them in a very unique and fun way. Temporary tattoos by their nature are a social product.  We are inclined to share them with friends because they aren’t something we see everyday.  Constantly we see people tweet pictures of temporary tattoos on Twitter (sometimes of company logos).  Using temporary tattoos as a promotional product is an effective way to reach your marketing objectives.

In-stock tattoos for a get-together or custom tattoos to promote your business, July is a great month for temporary tattoos!

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2 Responses to “Car Temporary Tattoos: Go Big or Go Home!”

  1. Tattoo Manufacturing Says:

    I’m sure you could get to be at least half the drummer he is with practice, Larry. Maybe a huge Cadillac on your side would help…or maybe not. =) Thanks for the comment!

  2. software Says:


    […]Car Temporary Tattoos: Go Big or Go Home! « Tattoo Manufacturing Blog[…]…

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