Link of the Week: Robber Attempts to Conceal Identity with Temporary Tattoo

We wrote a post at the beginning of the month about an episode of the BBC series Luther in which a kidnapper concealed his identity by wearing a temporary tattoo on his face.  Recent events in Shelton, CT prove this concept isn’t far fetched.

Katherine Vadnais pled guilty to being an accessory to first-degree robbery.  She allegedly helped her boyfriend, Shawn Gullberg, put a temporary tattoo on his neck to confuse authorities should surveillance cameras capture his robbery.  The chosen design: a starburst temporary tattoo.

Temporary Body Tattoos

Suspect Shawn Gullberg, left, allegedly told police he decided to rob a bank after seeing a commercial for “Public Enemies,” starring Johnny Depp, right.

“I figured if I put a fake tattoo on my neck that would be a good disguise,” Gullberg is quoted as telling police.

Vadnais allegedly applied the temporary tattoo to his neck. The rest of the tattoo kit was found in their residence, according to a search and seizure warrant.


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