The Most Unique Promotional Product Available

Did you know commemorative buttons were used at George Washington’s inauguration back in 1789?  Promotional products have been around as long as there have been businesses and events to promote.  The trick is they must be easy to produce, inexpensive and worth keeping.

Promotional Products

As a promotional product, temporary tattoos hit the mark.  Custom temporary tattoos of your business logo, mascot or event message can be printed within 5-10 days, you can print 1,000 for less than $80 and those you give them away to will have fun putting them on or take them home as a keepsake.  Every variable considered, temporary tattoos are the easiest, least expensive and most unique promotional product you can offer.

Temporary Body TattoosSo give it a try!  Promote your business (we work with over 65k corporations who print promotional tattoos on a regular basis), drive school spirit and make your event worth remembering: all possible with a custom temporary tattoo.

Through the end of June, get 10% off plus free shipping when you order online using Promo Code SMJ01.

Temporary tattoos as promotional products: they may be temporary, but they always leave a mark!


@_demiii tweeted this photo of an Apple logo temporary tattoo this morning (looks like it may glow in the dark!)

Temporary body Tattoos

Tweeted by @_demiii


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