Henna Temporary Tattoos

We design and manufacture more temporary tattoos than anybody in the world (we print over 6 million a day).  Around here, we live and breathe temporary tattoos!  As you can well imagine, we have a lot of fun but the focus on a single product has another, significant benefit: we can devote the resources required to follow and respond to market trends.

Henna  Temporary Tattoos

Henna design available at tattoosales.com

That leads us to the topic of this post: henna temporary tattoos.  This temporary tattoo design has always been around but we’ve seen a real boost in popularity since the end of February.  Now, in the heat of summer, henna temporary tattoos are all the rage.

Henna Temporary Tattoos

Picture posted on Twitter by @DindaWijaya

Just this morning, @DindaWijaya tweeted a photo of her henna temporary tattoo and commented that she “misses it.”  Henna temporary tattoos have been a prominent feature in the micro-blogosphere and we’ve seen mentions and conversations regarding henna temporary tattoos increase over the past few months.

In part, this increase in popularity can be attributed to the season: it’s summertime, and shorts, t-shirts and flip flops mean more skin on which to wear temporary tattoos.  But this spike in popularity goes beyond what we would expect for the season.  The increase in mentions, conversations and orders of henna temporary tattoo indicates a true trend; a trend that we attribute to the actualization of temporary tattoos as fashion accessories.

Henna Temporary Tattoos

Henna design available at tattoosales.com

It all began with the fall fashion shows, at which Chanel introduced their temporary skin art line, Les Trompe.  Those designs hit the market in February and other designers and retailers have followed suit.  Henna temporary tattoos have become trendy along with these other designs because the style is very similar.  Check out a post we did in April comparing the Henna temporary tattoos we offer to the designs Chanel is marketing.

As temporary tattoos become more of a staple in the world of fashion (and our forecast is that they will) henna temporary tattoos will continue to grow in popularity.   Check out our June 1st post regarding ideas on how to use Henna temporary tattoos.

It is summertime and we ship within 48 hours: that makes today a great day to order a bag of Henna temporary tattoos.  And at $4.99 a bag, you can’t go wrong.  Plus, through the end of June use Promo Code SMJ01 for 10% off plus free shipping (minimum order is $10).

Henna Bag of Tattoos

Henna Temporary Tattoo Assortment, $4.99 at tattoosales.com


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