Free Shipping: A Scrooge McDuck Quack! of Approval

For more on this series, see the introductory post here.

Before the internet and online shopping, people went to stores or sent away for items.  In a store, one would browse, perhaps pick out an item on sale and check out. There weren’t any special handling or shipping charges and if there was a coupon involved, it was given directly to the cashier.

Temporary Body TattoosToday, we shop and live on the internet!  We usually research products online before selection, search for coupons and promo codes before checkout and shipping and handling charges are commonplace.

But oftentimes shipping and handling can get out of hand, costing as much as the product itself.  Even when the charges are reasonable, shipping and handling adds to the cost of the product.  So a $5 item at a store could be a $9 item when purchased online with shipping.

The savvy, thrifty shopper must ask: would Scrooge McDuck pay shipping if he could avoid it?

As we first stated in the introduction to this series, Scrooge worked his way up the financial ladder from humble immigrant roots.  He came to America from Scotland and worked hard, saving every penny, until he became the richest duck in the world!  (Or second richest, depending upon whom you ask)  A savvy businessduck, Scrooge sure didn’t get to where he was by paying for shipping unnecessarily.

Temporary Body Tattoos

So would Scrooge McDuck pay shipping if he could avoid it? Any fan of Duck Tales (whoHOOhoo!) knows the answer is most assuredly, no.

Here at Tattoo Manufacturing, we offer free shipping on every online order, every time! Whether it’s $10 worth of stock tattoos or 10k custom tattoos—if you place it online, it will ship for free (within the continental United States).

Free shipping on every online order, every time: that’s worthy of a Scrooge McDuck Quack! of Approval!

Temporary  Body Tattoos

We can hear it now, “Huey, Dewey and Louie, pick  out $10 worth of temporary tattoos because they ship for free and use a promo code!  But you can pay for them yourselves, you young scallywags!”



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