Temporary Tattoos: Top Selling Designs

When it comes to temporary tattoo designs, nobody knows what is more popular than…you!  We want to take a moment to highlight four of the top selling designs.  Keep in mind that any of these designs can be customized to fit your event or style.

Pink Ribbon

Pink Ribbon Temporary TattooThe Pink Ribbon tattoo has been a top seller for years.  They are great to giveaway at charity events or to pass out at meetings.  We see many people customizing these as well; adding a website to the front, date of an event or the name of a survivor.  These are also excellent fundraising tools.  Many event planners will sell these tattoos, customized or not, at a walk-a-thon or other gathering to raising money for breast cancer research.

Chinese Symbols

The most popular Chinese symbols are ‘friends’, ‘courage’, ‘truth’ and’ energy’.

Temporary Body Tattoos

These are fun to wear but also fun to give away to fiends.  Simple and unambiguous, they make great party favors and meaningful greeting card additions.

Temporary  Body Tattoos


Many schools and youth sports teams order these paws.  They are available in virtually every color and are fully customizable.  Go team!


This classic butterfly temporary tattoo has been gaining popularity this year.   It is vibrant, detailed and beautiful: three must-have qualities in a butterfly tattoo.

Temporary Body Tattoos

These top selling designs demonstrate the versatility of the temporary tattoo.  They can be used as fundraising tools, symbols of affection for friends, team spirit builders or as beautiful compliments to any look.  Plus, since these deigns are fully customizable, you can easily turn our top design into your unique design.

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One Response to “Temporary Tattoos: Top Selling Designs”

  1. tattoosales Says:

    Tattoos are pretty expensive but if it’s a design you’re passionate about then it’s totally worth it. The Koi Fish is beautiful, excellent choice. =) We have an Ed Hardy temporary one:


    Cristy, what do you think about having a custom tattoo made of a design you’re planning on getting…try it before you buy it concept? It’s something we’ve done for a number of people and we’ve thought about promoting it more. As someone who loves and has tattoos, we’d love your input.

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