Henna Temporary Tattoos

When it comes to fashion tattoos, nothing is more simple or classic than the henna temporary tattoo.  They are easy to apply, have a matte finish and go with virtually every look and mood.

henna temporary tattoos

Henna design available at tattoosales.com

On the fhenna temporary tattoooot, henna tattoos look soft and delicate.  They compliment the natural curvature of the foot and look perfectly in place.  They are an excellent compliment to flats or sandals, making them the perfect summertime accessory.

While henna tattoos worn on a foot can be earthy and cool, henna designs placed on the leg or thigh are very sexy and feminine.  This is what Chanel was going for at the fashion shows last fall when they placed henna styled designs down the thighs of runway models.

henna temporary tattoo

Nothing says hip and fun like a henna temporary tattoo worn around the arm or on the wrist!   They can be positioned like an arm band or as a subtle accessory piece around the wrist, mimicking a bracelet.

Finally, for those daring souls, henna tattoos on the neck or cheek are a bold fashion statement.  Be prepared to catch looks from everyone and spark conversation wherever you go!

There is a henna design and placement for every mood and occasion.  Be bold, be cool, be sexy—all possible with henna!

For more on henna as fashion, check out our April blog post.

henna temporary tattoos

Henna design available at tattoosales.com

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