Temporary Tattoo Sleeves

Generally, temporary tattoos sleeves consist of a colorful tattoo design printed on thin nylon.  They do look somewhat realistic and are very easy to apply; but, they can snag easily and, when examined closely, look like a nylon sleeve.

What if we said you could easily build your own tattoo sleeve?

It would be 100% you, look incredibly realistic and last up to 5 days.  Sound wonderful?    Follow these easy steps to create a temporary tattoo sleeve that looks just as wonderful as it sounds:

Start with a bag of Henna temporary tattoos.  This will be the base of your sleeve.  Use the long, delicate lines to set the stage for more intricate designs.

Next, choose more detailed tattoos for your sleeve.  A peace sign is a classic choice or an Ed Hardy tattoo would look great.

After you’ve applied the tattoos, dust the entire sleeve with baby powder or loose make-up powder.  This will make the designs look more realistic and last longer.

Building a temporary tattoo sleeve has never been more easy or fun.  As an added bonus, use Coupon Code TMM01 through the end of May for 10% off your entire order.


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