World Cup Fever!

Like the rest of the world, we’re buzzing with World Cup fever here at Tattoo Manufacturing!  When the World Cup begins in June, we will be in Tucson, AZ printing more than 6 million tattoos, but our hearts will be at the games in Africa with Team USA.  We are ranked no. 14 among the 202 teams according to the official FIFA Rankings.  While this is exciting in and of itself, we’ll be on the edge of our sofas during Team USA’s appearances at the World Cup for a few other reasons:

  • Last summer in the Confederations Cup, we advanced to our first final in a FIFA tournament EVER!
  • We upset No.1 Spain in the semifinals at the Confederations Cup.

This excellent showing at the Confederations Cup is an indication that our team is at the top of its game!

  • Oguchi Onyewu will take the field!
  • We upset England in the 1950 World Cup, 1-0

Our first appearance at the World Cup will be against England on June 12th.  We’re revved up and ready to root on Team USA!  If you’re as psyched as we are, consider sporting a Team USA temporary tattoo that day.  Have them available for friends or take them to the sports bar to hand out.  They’re excellent for sparking conversation and great for showing team spirit.

Go Team USA!

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2 Responses to “World Cup Fever!”

  1. tattoosales Says:

    Many are gunning for England. Check out this article on ‘quant models’ J.P. Morgan used to determine England will win:

    Which is why we’re pretty excited for this opening match against England. The US has a very good chance. We’re on top of our game and playing than ever before.

  2. Tattoo Manufacturing Says:

    Go Team USA!

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