New Contest! – “Tweet or Tag Temporary Tattoo Stories”

Want to win free product? Well, we want to hear about your favorite childhood temporary tattoo story.

Did you beat your big brother in skee-ball for that coveted Bugs Bunny tattoo? Or did you freak out your mom when you came home covered in fake scars and cuts that were really temps? We know you were a creative little one (and still are!) so let us know.

Enter the contest by adding us on Facebook or Twitter (or both!). Then, tell us about your favorite temporary tattoo memory. Don’t forget to tag us in your post (how else will we know you’ve entered? duh).

You’ll win products from our Savvi division, which makes some of our licensed products (like the Marvel tattoo packs) for sale in retail stores.

How to tag us on Twitter:

1. Follow us

2. Tweet your favorite temporary tattoo story and tag us in it. To tag, simply add @TattooSales before your message (see below). The caption “What’s happening?” will change to “Reply to TattooSales.”

3.  Hit reply, and you’re done!

How to tag us on Twitter

How to tag us on Facebook:

1. Add us as your friend on Facebook.

2. Either post your story as an update on your page OR post on our wall.  Don’t forget to tag us, @Tattoo Manufacturing. As you type, a drop down menu will appear (see below). Simply click on Tattoo Manufacturing and the “@” will disappear, leaving our name as a link.

3. Tell us your favorite temporary tattoo story and hit “Share.”

How to tag us on Facebook

It’s that easy. We’ll select 15 winners at random. Again, all you have to do is tag us on Facebook or mention us on Twitter – with your favorite temporary tattoo memory – and we’ll enter your name into the contest. Use blog15 now to save 15% on your next purchase! Shipping is always free in the United States (minimum online order is only $10).

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