Temporary Tattoo Projects: Sports Teams

We’ve all seen the tee ball player who is more interested in the dandelions growing in left field than the balls hit in his direction. It is difficult to foster team spirit among younger athletes, but temporary tattoos can help bring a sense of unity to sports teams on any level.

For the youngest of sports teams (the ones not affiliated with any particular school), the easiest solution would be to get a generic sports team or mascot temporary tattoo. From pirates to hornets to bulldogs, Tattoo Sales’ pre-existing designs will likely suit your elementary-aged sports team, whatever its mascot. Not only will these temporary tattoos give the athletes a pre-game activity to enjoy together, the matching designs may just be enough to spark a team identity among the young teammates.

When it comes to sports for school, a custom temporary tattoo is likely a better solution. These tattoos are less likely to be worn by the atheletes and more likely to be worn by the cheerleaders, band members, spirit groups, and fans. A high school or junior high principal could upload the school’s logo and order 1,000 temporary tattoos in minutes. We’re not going to say having the stands full of screaming fans emblazoned with matching tattoos wins football games per se, but you’ve got to admit that it’s a little intimidating.

Temporary tattoos are, in all aspects, well suited for the players and audiences of sports games alike. Less messy than body paint but more unique than a team shirt, temporary tattoos can add an extra element of team pride to any outfit. Use blog15 to save 15% on your next purchase! Shipping is always free in the United States (minimum online order is only $10).

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