Tattoo Link of the Week 2: Fake Fashion with Temporary Tattoos

This week’s link comes from the blog of Wrecking Balm, a product used for the fading of permanent tattoos.  As we mentioned in last week’s post, tattoos are a hot accessory for stars and civilians alike.  But with their growing popularity, fewer people are asking themselves the necessary pre-tattoo questions, namely “will I really want this same design on me for the rest of my life?”  Think about it, do you still wear the same makeup, have the same hairstyle, or even dress the same as you did as little as five years ago?  If the answer is a definite “no,” maybe you should consider skipping the permanent stuff and checking out temporary tattoos.

The trend may have started with the needle, but temps are becoming more popular – or “hotter,” as they say in the fashion media world.  Last week we heard about Chanel’s new line of temporary tattoos. Last fall, fashion houses Rodarte and Jean Paul Gautier included body art on their runways.  Henna and body paint are viable options for the runway look, but you don’t get the color and precision that you get with predesigned temporary tattoos, minus the tattoo rue.  I think the author from our link says it quite poignantly:

Fashion is fleeting and so to [sic] fake tattoosPermanent tattoos not so much. Real tattoos are like wearing not-so-hip bell-bottoms when slim skinny cigarette [pants] are in chic.”

Tattoos and body art are supposed to be fun, not full of regret.  And if you’re the artist-type who doesn’t want to put anything unoriginal on their body, no problem; allows you to customize and create your own temporary tattoos.  With all the temporary options available for you, why risk the  lament of misguided ink? Use blog15 to save 15% on your next purchase! Shipping is always free in the United States (minimum online order is only $10).

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